Current Action:
Legal Challenge​

Property Rights Association of BC has been defending and advocating for the rights of lawfully operating short-term rental owners since Bill 35, s36 was introduced in October of 2023. Over the course of several months, we have made significant inroads within all levels of government.

We will continue our efforts towards collaboration and advocacy, but should this not prove successful, we all need to be prepared.

We have a current deadline of March 1st to raise funds for a legal challenge.

Legal Background: In October 2023 we began exploring our legal options and retained law firm Cox Taylor, the leaders in property law to do the legal research into the B.C. government's new STR Act set to come into effect May 1, 2024.

With that research complete, we are now raising the funds needed to move forward and challenge the STR Act on behalf of all of BC’s lawfully operating STR properties in the event that advocacy efforts are unsuccessful.

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Please help us raise the $150,000 needed to proceed. 

Email your donations to: 

This is a direct deposit pathway to Property Rights BC bank account specifically designated for legal funds.

For donations of $500 or more you will be eligible for a one year membership if you email us your contact details at:

As of Feb 14 we had 180 association members, primarily from Victoria where our group started, but also from across BC. ( We will upated this number as more people join) Many of us have contributed over $1,000 each to date with membership fees, monthly fees and $750 donations towards the legal fund. We have raised $60,000 towards this legal fund to date.


Our futures, the futures of our children and our businesses are at stake. We have a short period of time to do this, so we ask that you consider donating what you can.

These funds will be held separately and will be reimbursed back to donors in the event that:

- We do not raise the total needed,
- We do not proceed with legal action, or,
- If legal action costs less than the monies raised (in which case funds will be reimbursed proportionately based on the original contribution amount).

The association is an incorporated member-funded society of British Columbia, and receipts will be issued upon request.

Property Rights BC is the trade name for WEST COAST ASSOCIATION OF PROPERTY RIGHTS.
​A British Columbia, Canada Registered Member-Funded Non-Profit Society.
​556B Pandora Ave. Victoria BC Canada